I am lucky enough to have traveled the world  and  met, competed, surfed, paddled, and made friends with some pretty well know, respected and talented personalities, artists and sports stars . They are all legends and inspirations to me  in their fields, and I am honored to know them.


Jonty Rhodes – Cricket Legend

“Cricket is not really associated with being a life-threatening past-time, despite the unfortunate death of a young Australian opening batsman in late 2014. I endured a few broken fingers, and the occasional hamstring injury, whist the biggest blows were usually delivered to my ego – failing on the international stage, in front of about 40,000 spectators, and a couple of million television viewers! And so I am not really in a position to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest, as I have been really privileged to do what I love for the past 20 years, and even manage to make a living out of this passion I have for cricket. I suppose the only thing I can vouch for, is that it is not always possible to determine the circumstances that you find yourself in – I would practice for hours on end, building up to matches, but that was no guarantee that I would be successful. However, YOU CAN determine how you respond to those circumstances. Being positive is not ‘wishful thinking’, as I have seen thoughts become words; words taking shape in the form of actions; and those actions shaping destiny. Stories like that of Greg’s are an inspiration to many – as he his exploits have provided him with a platform to reach many people who are going through similar difficulties, and yet I really believe, that each and every one of us, is capable of making a difference in the lives of our families, and our communities. Don’t wait for somebody else to inspire you – be that inspiration, just like Greg.

Jonty Rhodes”


Grant Twiggy Baker – World Big Wave Surfing Champion 2014 

“Life is what you make it in the end and anyone is capable of overcoming every situation and rising to the challenge. Look at me for an example, I come from a warm water, small wave place that should never have given me the opportunity to win at Mavericks or a World Title but my path was set from a young age, I knew what I wanted to achieve and as i went along it became possible.

And even further to that is what Greg has achieved with a dicky heart. I have surfed some crazy waves with him and seen how hard he charges with so much telling him not to, that its clear to me that he has overcome the stop signs that life throws in front of us and carried on living his passions.”

Grant “Twiggy” Baker – Big Wave World Champ 2014


 Ard Matthews – Just Jinger – Rock Star

Simply. Greg ,You are a legend beyond words. I have followed and admired your every effort in being the beauty of a ‘heart’ that you are. I use parenthesis because your actual heart is bigger than the physical. It supersedes the norm and you are, without doubt, a gift not only to SA but to all who are blessed enough to cross your path, as am I. Long may you prosper!
Very sincerely

Thomas King – SA Champ &   #4 World Long boarder 2013/2014 

“There are very few people I truly worry about when I surf heats and downwind race, as well as respect, but Greg is one of those guys.
My name is Thomas King, I have been surfing since I was 6 years old, have been South African champ, placed 4th in the world and am part of the 2015 South African SUP team, I have travelled the world surfing and met many inspiring people and none come close to Greg Bertish.
When I was 17 years old I started getting the courage to surf bigger waves and it was around this time I met Greg, his friendly and warm nature makes you feel welcome and he is a very aprochable guy.
I always saw him charging and pushing the boundaries out at Sunset and dungeons-both these waves are right handers so it was always inspiring seeing Greg going big on his back hand.
It was only years later, when I started to stand Up Paddle board, that I would truly get to know Greg and have the honour of competing against him. His fierce competitive spirit and drive is rivaled by few. I have surfed many heats and done plenty of down winding with this great man and it was only until a couple of months ago I even new he had Endocarditis and had under gone surgery.
. When we downwind I can head off at a fast pace and next thing I look to my side and greg is next to me, not even breaking a sweat and with a big grin on his face.
He pushes me to be better, faster,stronger and inspires me to be a waterman not just a surfer, long boarder or SUP’er.
To me Greg is just Greg, the great competitor, teacher and waterman who has taken a “not so great” situation and turned it into a great one! “

Tom King – SA Champ/ No.4 in the World Longboarder


Justin Bing – SA Champ SUP Surf  & SA Champ Long boarder

“Surfing is the kind of sport that draws people together from all walks of life. I was selected to represent SA in the first ISA Stand Up Paddleboard champs in Peru in 2012. Greg was also selected and we would form part of the first SA SUP Team that competed at the first ISA World SUP championship. We went on to take Bronze as team SA, against 24 other countries. I knew Greg and had surfed loads of times with him, competing and also just having fun trading waves. He is a legend in the sport of surfing and known for charging big waves and having an incredible knowledge of the ocean. I was stoked to have the opportunity to travel with him and get to know him better. I didn’t realize how much he had actually been through as he is one of the fittest, full of energy and stoked with life humans that I know and you just assume someone like that must have been healthy and fit their whole life. Having someone in your team with such a positive attitude, you can’t help but for it to rub off on you and the rest of the team. Which I think was one of the reasons we did so well at this event. The camaraderie and team spirit amongst us was amazing!”

Justin Bing
SA Longboard Champ
SA SUP Surf Champ 2012/2014
Multiple Springbok Surfer


Paddy Upton – Motivational Sports and Business Consultant/Coach and Speaker

“I have known Greg for several years, and he continues to be an inspiration to me (and others). An inspiration through amongst other, running his own business, reaching high levels of success in some pretty tough sports, being a founder and active member of various non-profit community initiatives and being an all-round good guy. All this on the back of continued and serious challenges to his cardiac health that few people have had to endure or survive. Through sharing his story, messages of hope and positivity, Greg continues to support and inspire others who are suffering or recovering from various life altering challenges. All this makes Greg a real inspiration for me, and a wonderful role model for living life fully.”

Paddy Upton