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Inspirational Speaker

After beating the odds, and surviving major infections, operations in 2001 & 2006, re infections and nearly 200 days in hospital, i survived & i thrive. The power of positive thought & the strength of the human spirit have helped me piece back my life and my lifestyle. I love helping to inspire others to do the same in all aspects of their lives at work and at home. I specially enjoy speaking to kids and patients who may be  are facing recovery, hardship or just normal life obstacles.

Rustenburg Girls Junior School Talk – 30/11/2016 – View the post and video HERE

I have worked with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa, featured in their Mended Hearts Productions, National TV shows , and lectured and talked at their events. I now work with & raise funds for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, and am an Ambassador for The Friends of the Children Association & The Children’s Hospital Trust & NSRI. I have talked to groups of patients, recovering patients, kids and their families. I have presented and talked at Corporate events, National Awards dinners, business breakfasts and many functions for schools and clubs.

I donate a major portion of the fees I charge to the Children’s Hospital Trust, or one of my partner NPO organizations (NSRI or Sharkspotters)

I offer Special discount and FOC Rates for charities and other NPOs, development programs, Health Providers, schools, etc


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After 2 open heart surgeries, with a mechanical Aortic Valve, grafted Pulmonary Valve & on the blood thinner Warfarin…… and against most doctors prognoses, I have since gone on too:

– Win Western Province Lifesaving Champs Board Rescue 2003/4

-Surf some of the biggest waves in the world (Finalist: O’neil Raw courage Awards 2009 & Striped Horse Big Wave Challenge 2015),

-Win National Stand Up Paddle Board events in 2008/ 2009/2010 and 2011 (open division, over 18 yrs old);

-Win SA Champs Lifesaving Masters Surf Ski Gold 2011;

-Represent my country at the SUP World Champs in Peru 2012 ( Bronze Medal- Relay & Team RSA)

-Founded & set up ( 2002) (2004) (2015)

-Get Married to Tracy Heard and have 2 beautiful boys ( Kodi & Ryder) 2009 to 2012


I have had to endure some incredibly painful and emotional times and hardships due to this un- culturable and un-diagnosed Bacteria . It did effect my life, physically, emotionally and financially. It still does today. Yet, i had two choices. Be negatively affected and be a victim, patient and a statistic OR i could take it on! Be positive, proactive and never give up. I chose to survive and thrive.

Many people face or are dealing with much worse situations and circumstances. Life threatening, financial, family, emotional, and other life hardships. They/we don’t get to choose when and what Cards we are dealt in life. But we do get to choose how we play those cards. I want to inspire and motivate people to take it on, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP, challenge the norm, Change and shift the PERCEIVED reality & to not just survive…. But you can and must thrive!

I have also assisted in the recovery of friends and patients who have been involved in horrific accidents or suffered life changing disabilities, and who are suffering and recovering.

It has been a pleasure and an honor, and i am Stoked every time i am able to inspire and assist people emotionally and physically through what i have experienced, believe and have achieved till now.

contact me on or + 27 0 82 4540398