–  & set up in 2002

–  set up in 2004

-Projects & Work with the Heart and Stroke foundation of South Africa ( on going)

-Assistance, motivation, inspiration, training and teaching both Pre and Post Patients and survivors. ( on going)

-Inspirational Speaking –  I want to inspire, motivate and make all aware, that you can alter perceived  reality and perception. Never give up… and go on to reach above and beyond what people expect of you.  Read my BLOG  for references and feedback from my Presentations, Talks and one on one motivations and inspirations.

-Ocean Stand Up Paddle Board Challenge – Fund and awareness raiser-  ( NSRI/ SharkSpotters/ Heart Foundation) 2013

-Smallest Sail Craft- Agulas  to Saldanha  ( NSRI/ SharkSpotters/ Heart Foundation) 2013

-Cone SUP Event – Waterfront 2013

– Photo Projects 2013