My Story

I learned that being FINE is actually FANTASTIC!

I learned that there is always someone worse off than you are.

I learned that by injecting myself with absolute positive thought and belief, I would not only recover, but recover faster and better.

I learned and believe in changing that what is seen to be reality. I learned to shift “Perceived reality”.

I now love to assist, talk to , motivate &  inspire kids, patients and others facing extreme hardship or life threatening situations.


  • In 2002, at age 31, I underwent open heart surgery to remove an un-diagnosed & un-culturable tropical bacteria, that had attacked my Aortic Heart Valve.  It took me a year of rehab to recover. I lost my taste and smell, as well as some speech and cognitive skills due to the lengthy operation & complications.  I fought back, to be just “FINE” again, and to be the person I was before. I used positive thought, meditation, research and training to change the PERCEIVED REALITY of a heart patient and became an even better person and athlete.Less than 18 months after my operation, I won Gold in provincial Lifesaving and surfed some of the biggest waves in the world.  I also set up this website to educate, assist and inspire people facing similar situations and hardships.

    In 2006 it came back. 8 months of Misdiagnosis, drugs and hospital stays then led to a 2nd Open Heart Surgery.  Reinfection just 3 months later meant another  70 days in hospital on a cocktail of IV Drugs and regimes  24/7.

    Mentally and physically I suffered greatly, but I survived.  Again I fought to challenge the doctors prognosis and all PERCEIVED REALITY.  I have since won major National Lifesaving, Stand Up Paddling & Surfing events, awards and nominations. I founded the NPO Sharkspotter program and have won a bronze Medal  for South Africa at World Champs in Peru. I have a beautiful wife and 2 small boys, I love to travel and surf the world and I am passionate about assisting, guiding, talking to & positively motivating people, kids and families who face hardship or similar life threatening diagnosis & situations.

    Never, Ever give up!    Greg Bertish