Prof Wayne Derman

MBChB BSc (Med)(Hons) PhD FFIMS

“I have known Greg both as a patient and a friend. It is very rare to witness such resilience and bounce-back from a dire medical situation. He has clearly shown triumph over adversity in using his life-skills to spread a message of hope and achievement to us all. However, his special passion and love of children is palpable! If only we could all have learnt from a young age that we have the ability to overcome adversity. Greg shows this to his audiences and efforts through a clear message of enthusiasm, perseverance, compassion and above all, a love of life, adventure and sport.”

“Greg Bertish takes resilience to a new level”


Dr Natalie Clarke

MBBCh, Dip Child Health

Greg Bertish is a phenomenal man.

He is one of my more challenging patients, but a phenomenal man!       Greg’s chronic medical history, surgical procedures, prolonged physical rehabilitation and recovery have been a significant and life-changing experience for him. For me, as his GP, they are an ongoing experience in medical education: the risk of recurrence of endocarditis that has evaded diagnosis on multiple occasions previously, is a concern we face at every consultation – making him that “challenging and tricky patient !”

I have known Greg as a patient for 7 years. In my opinion, Greg’s incredible recovery is due in-part to his physical and emotional strength, resilience, determination and fortitude, coupled with an enquiring and questioning mind. The remainder is due to his deep respect for and awareness of his state of health. Through his illness and recovery, Greg has developed an intuition of the true meaning of well-being and empathy for others who have experienced what he has.

It is this respect and intuition that keeps Greg well and allows and motivates him to use his story and first-hand knowledge, to reach out and give back, through his fund-raising initiatives and association with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa, their Healthy Hearts Programme and as an ambassador for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

It is not surprising that Greg’s life motto is “ Never, Ever give up”.

It is a commitment that he undertakes with all his heart and a lesson I continue to learn.


DR Susan Vosloo

World Renown Cardiac Surgeon