Be Positive

Find YOUR inspiration and use it! Mine was and is my family.

My dad ( who passed away at age 59/ i was 26)  instilled in us the belief that anything is possible, if you truly believe. As kids we believed OUR dad could do anything.And he sure did some amazing and wonderful things, both with us and on his own. He  instilled Positivity and optimism  at every turn in our lives – like a slow positive potion, i think we infused his belief . Little did he know, that this would save his sons Lives and prepare them to achieve some greatness.

My brothers: Inspiration personified….

Conn, 18 months my junior, was diagnosed  at age  35 with one of the most aggressive Brain Cancers known to man. Against all odds,  after a massive Surgery and months of Chemo and Radiation therapy  he destroyed it,  both mentally and physically. He has been cancer free for 6 years and is Launching an amazing Project and Product for cancer survivors, called Cancer Dojo ( READ More  HERE)

Chris, has become one of the best Big Wave Surfers in the world, as well as an Adventurer and Motivational Speaker. He went  on to Conquer and WIN the 2010 Mavericks Invitational Big Wave Surf Contest, in the biggest surf ever ridden , against the best big wave surfers in the world ( READ more here)