Opp Preperation

Preparing For The Operation

I have covered a lot of the mental aspects of preparation in “Being Diagnosed” and “Dealing with it”. What I want to cover here is the run up to the op, and what to take with you. Yes, it is scary. The closer operation day gets, the more you worry and the more it is on your mind. All I can say here again, is be positive. You are lucky you have this alternative and opportunity to improve your situation. Prepare yourself mentally. If this is, for you, going on holiday, doing research on the op, or just continuing everyday life, then do that. I went on a little relaxed holiday, had fun. Then came back and had a “hearty party” for my friends, and then went in for the op.

On arrival at the hospital

You will check in the day before normally. They make you comfortable and may brief you a bit if you are lucky. That evening you will be shaved. (often, all over) Enjoy!

You may be sent for x-rays and you will be weighed. You will have blood taken, blood pressure etc. You will have your last meal before the op 12 hrs before, no more food or drink will be consumed thereafter.I recommend: Washing yourself, your hair and shaving your face (men) the night before. That night you are left to relax, if you can. They will offer you a sleeping pill. Take it! I didn’t, and suffered the consequences.The next morning at about 5 – 6 am, they woke me. A little chill out time. Then an injection in the butt, a mild tranquilizer to mellow you out. Then it’s off down the corridors (like the movies) in your bed. Through the doors into the waiting area of the operating theatre. You will be feeling pretty woozy and mellow by this time.
Your family may still be with you at this time. Then it’s into the op theatre. Expect lots of bright lights and machines and gadgets. There will be a couple of anesthetists and a couple of nurses. They will load you onto the op table, there will be some small talk, and the last thing you will remember is them giving you the injection. – Happy dreams!

What to take with you. 

In the wards, anything goes.

– Radio/tape with head phones
– slippers
– dressing gown
– underwear (lots)
– socks
– magazines
– books
– notepad and pen
– sweets and chocolates
– watch/clock

You are not allowed to take anything to ICU, so get out of there ASAP.