From: “Lisa Fainstein”
Date: 23 August 2017 at 2:34:41 PM SAST
To: The Little Optimist
Subject: Herzlia Middle School Talk

Hi Greg

On Monday 7 August, Greg Bertish delivered a phenomenal and inspirational talk to pupils, staff and parents of Herzlia Middle School. Greg shared his personal story as well as his role in helping children in hospital by raising funds by sailing an Optimist dinghy 200km around Cape Point. Afterwards, he signed copies of his book, The Little Optimist – a story he hopes will inspire kids and the world to believe in themselves, get better, be better and follow their passions and dreams.

Greg has a special ability to capture and connect with his audience, no matter their age. His presentation was exceptional and kept the listeners spellbound for the entire duration of his talk. Greg expertly combined his own life experiences with a motivational message that touched and inspired the entire school. This has left a lasting impact on everyone.

As a school, we endorse Greg Bertish and The Little Optimist 100%!

Kind regards

Deputy Principal | Vice Principal
Herzlia Middle School

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