To boldly go where no Optimist has gone before!

Optimist (noun) : definition= An optimist is a person who engages in positive thinking, or “looking on the bright side” of things. Optimism is the outlook that good things will happen, even if the situation may not appear totally positive at the moment.

Optimist Dinghy: definition= The Optimist is a small ( 8 foot by 3.5 foot), single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by children up to the age of 15.

A tiny little kids dinghy that should not even be classified as a Yacht , due to its shape, size and proportions. Yet this little “bath tub” boat has become one of the most recognizable, nostalgic, and most sailed kids dingy’s in the world.

The Opi, is a dinghy for children up to 15 years old with an optimum max weight limit around 50 Kg. It is sailed & raced by the youngest kids only, and generally only in lakes, dams, vlei,s and protected bays.
Its not designed for adults and is not designed for open Ocean sailing….Its not classed as a yacht and is the smallest official sailing dingy in the world.

Yet, #thelittleoptimist believes it can change Perceived Reality. It believes it will be and it can do what bigger yachts do. The little Optimist believes that it can concur the oceans and the seas no matter what they say.

I will use the little Optimist to inspire Sick, recovering and poor Children and people facing hardship, to be positive, to be Optimistic, to never ever give up, and to believe that they too can do anything they desire and want ; No matter what you are told or what the perceived reality is, you can overcome it and succeed if you are positive, proactive and if you believe!


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