“Dear Greg

I’d like to thank you for the phenomenal presentation you gave to our staff of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Your journey has been an absolutely inspirational one and, speaking on behalf of our office, was one that
provided many lessons to us – both as an organisation and, importantly, from a personal standpoint. It was a
refreshing take on a motivational speech, and gave us some food for thought.
I had many of my staff approach me afterwards to discuss it, and share the personal lessons it provided, which
is probably the best feedback that you can receive; that your talk impacted the audience it was intended for.
I would recommend it for any business or organisation looking to motivate its staff, or find an alternative
viewpoint on corporate crisis.
On behalf of the African Management Board for DHL Express, our staff at the SSA Regional Office and from
my personal perspective, thank you.
Kind Regards,
Charles Brewer
Managing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa”