Lunch with our Greg Bertish


Kim Gresse, Greg Bertish, Janet Burgess and Elaine Aquadro

Elaine held a lunch function for our over-50s-club at the Clovelly Country Club today.

One of our Brand Ambassadors, Greg Bertish, spoke most movingly on his project called The Little Optimist and his triumph in recovering from a series of hospital stays after major heart surgery as a young adult. Greg is a water baby and an accomplished sportsman, he is also a great supporter of Sea Rescue, a keen fundraiser and an activist for safety when out on the water.

A great reminder of how connected we all are was discovering that the little optimist sailing dinghy that Greg uses in his project is called Squirrel and a couple in the audience told us that their grandchildren has learnt to sail in that same dinghy.  If you chat to anyone long enough you are bound to find a connection.


Brian Alexander receiving his certificate from Elaine.


Don and Mary Craig


Maria Ciccioni, Olive Taylor and Mary Crossley


Elisabeth Quixley and Anne Wobbe.


Stuart Moerdyk and Alison Smith in the back. Dr Cleeve Robertson and Joan Wilkins