Hi Greg

I found your details (and read about your experience ) from the Heart Foundation website , this is very inspirational to me !! I had my op on the 2/12/2009 , although I was “briefed” on the procedure  , I never had an idea of what was to be expected …. This was a huge event that took place in my life …. thank you for your story. After having this operation , and reading other’s stories, it really puts your emotions and fears at ease.

I have a question and maybe you have read about it ?, my surgeon repaired my aortic valve instead of replacing it with a mechanical valve (due to other complications)  , I am grateful for this since I don’t have to take the blood thinners etc. and leading an active lifestyle of cycling and jogging before the op. whish to carry on as soon as I’ve recovered . I am 32 years old.   He did however advise me that the valve should last for 10years , it might sound stupid but this is really stressing me out , I have searched the website but cant seem to find any info/prognoses on a “repaired (instead of replaced) aortic valve, maybe you have read about this ? I don’t know , just merely taking a change ?

Stay healthy and look after yourself